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Recovery Room

Getting ready to have a baby is an exciting and busy time. The first thing people think about is preparing the nursery for the baby. What is the theme? What colours are the walls? and everything else that goes into creating that special space for the baby. But what about a room for parents? What about their recovery room, what does that look like?

When I was pregnant with my 1st child, my husband surprised me by finishing the nursery - and he did an amazing job. But I kept thinking that we needed, well, mostly me, needed a place that is calming and quiet so that I can rest after having the baby. So I repainted our bedroom walls and made them look like soft leather (don't judge, it was the early 2000s!!). It was very soft and dark, which was perfect for me to be able to sleep during the day because I certainly didn't get much sleep at night!

While speaking with Dale Alleyne-Ho of Alleyne and Co. Designs, we got to talking about how important it is to set up a space for the parents as well as the newborn. How having a comfortable and calming space can have a huge effect on the recovery and healing of new parents. Here are some invaluable tips on how to create the perfect space for your recovery.

Q. How can I decorate a postpartum recovery space that promotes my mental and emotional well-being?


A. When thinking about crafting a space that is conducive to both your mental and emotional well-being, you want to opt for the more calming hues, think soft textures like plush blankets, and incorporate the more personal touches like family photos throughout your home’s decor. Additionally, I also like to suggest inviting the outdoors in by incorporating plants or nature-inspired decor for that added touch of serenity.


Q. What should I keep in mind when designing a postpartum recovery space for a small living area?


A. Functionality is going to be key. Opt for furniture that’s going to pull double duty. Think cribs with built-in storage or a change table that transforms into a dresser. Multi-functional pieces will save space and streamline your daily routine.


You also want to plan your layout thoughtfully. Arrange the furniture in your home to maximize flow and create that sense of openness. 


Additionally, make the most out of any vertical space. Things like wall-mounted shelves and organizers can easily store essentials without taking up valuable floor space.


Finally, declutter. Keep only the essentials visible. Stow any items you don't use on the daily to maintain a tidy and serene environment. I believe a clutter-free space is a stress-free space.


Q. What lighting choices are best, especially during nighttime feedings?


A. Lighting is not something that’s always on the top of our list, but it does have a huge impact on your day-to-day. You’ll always hear me say, without light, there is no colour, and colour has the power to influence not only our spaces, but our moods. To help reflect this, I like to incorporate layered lighting for a more nuanced and impactful ambiance. Here are a few suggestions;


Opt for lights with dimming options – it's like a volume control for your room's ambiance.


Bedside lamps will also help to create a cozy feeding nook. Choose lamps with soft, warm hues to cast a gentle glow that won't jolt you or your baby wide awake.


Lastly, for that added touch of whimsy, consider string lights or fairy lights. They provide just enough illumination for those nighttime feeds.


Your nighttime feeding rituals are unique to you, so having adjustable lighting lets you tailor the atmosphere to suit the moment. Whether it's a subtle glow or a bit more brightness for a diaper change.

Remember that new parents also deserve a space for themselves. It doesn't matter what kind of birth or delivery you have, we all need time to rest and recover from the experience. If you would like more information, or would like to make an appointment to speak to Dale, visit

About Dale: Dale has established herself within her community and is known for styling spaces inspired by the natural world. Her work combines contrasting yet harmonious textures to engage the senses and an earthy palette that evokes a sense of calm within a space.

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