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Individual Topic Classes

Pay for what you need

Perhaps this is not your 1st child. Or maybe you only want specific information. These classes offer you the chance to pick and choose which classes you want to attend.

Class Topics

The classes are the exact same as a group prenatal class.

You can see the topics here

Class Schedule

 Aug 29th - Birth Plans,  3rd trimester, How to tell you are in labour etc.

Sept 5th - Stages of labour

Sept 12th - Comfort measures & positions

Sept 19th- Medical Interventions

Sept 26th - Breastfeeding

*Sept 28th - Postpartum & Newborn Care

Next Session Starts Oct 17th

Missed a class, No worries!

Couldn't make it to class? Not to worry, classes will be recorded and available to watch for 24 hours following the class. 

Learn Anywhere

Since this is a virtual class, you can learn anywhere. You can get as comfortable as you want in your own home, grab a snack and run to the bathroom without having to worry about disturbing anyone else!


Each class is $15

Next Set of Classes Start August 29th, 2023
All classes run from 6pm - 8pm

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