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What is a

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Why have a Hypno-Doula

It is very important for a Hypnobabies mom to choose a doula that is familiar with the techniques, cue words and philosophies of Hypnobabies® and the Hypnobabies program. In order to the Hypnobabies mom to get the full benefit of her training, a Hypno-Doula is an integral part of the team, and they are trained and have all the Hypno-tools necessary to help parents have the best outcome.

What's Included

All doula packages include:

  • Free Initial consultation

  •  Two (2) prenatal meetings

  •  24/7 Phone, email and text support

  • Dedicated 24/7 on call labour and birth support

  • Continuous, consistent Labour & Birth Support

  • Early labour support at home and by phone

  • Continuous support from home to your place of birth

  • Continuous support for the duration of your birth

  • Birth Photography (with client consent)

  • Assistance with breastfeeding and baby care by phone and text

  • One (1) postpartum visit

Costs Start at $800

Add extra Postpartum Visit $50 (2-hour)

Payments may be made in 2 payments, or monthly payments. All payments must be made by 3 weeks prior to your due date. 

To get more information, or to schedule a consultation, please click here

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