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Now you can register for your class or workshop online. To confirm your spot in a prenatal class you must pay a 50% deposit. Payment can be made online with your credit card, or by cash or cheque.


Weekend Prenatal Class
​1 weekend - $175

These prenatal classes run from 10 am - 4pm both Saturday and Sunday. Please note: classes may be rescheduled based on registrations.

Labour Refresher Workshop
​2 hours - $65

This workshop is a refresher course for those who have already had children, or who want a bit more information than they recieved from their prenatal classes

Breastfeeding Workshop
​2 hours - $65

This is a great workshop for anyone looking for more detailed information about breastfeeding. It can be taken before baby is born, or baby can attend with you!

Postpartum Workshop
​2 hours - $65

This workshop will help prepare for what hapens after the baby is born. The birth is not always the hardest part!

Natural Labour Workshop
​60 min - $65

This workshop will help couples learn how to handle stress, learn relaxation techniques and gain the tools to help them through the labour process.

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